The month before I started my first son at Every Child’s Place—I cried. I didn’t know how these strangers (at the time) would take care of him—such as—would they snuggle with him? Would they hold him if he hurts himself? Would they really teach him anything? Would they be respectful of how I want my child raised?

Five years later my second son will be leaving ECP soon, and I will cry again, with sadness that I won’t see our friends there everyday. This place has become a second home to us. They have helped raise my boys and loved my boys just like family. They have helped them learn so many things. In their creative atmosphere, they have made amazing artwork I will keep forever. And as for activities to do at ECP—the inside gym, the special visitors— (firemen! Kenosha Kingfish!), the field trips, the holiday celebration with Santa, they very sweet Preschool graduation, just to name a few—all amazing experiences.

I hope future families are able to find the home we have found here. As my boys grow up, they may not remember all the wonderful experiences at ECP, but they know what being loved and included feels like, and that—they will never forget.