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Why Choose Us


We believe that all children are “special.”  We embrace the individuality of each child and look for the best practices to enhance their potential while embracing their abilities.  Every Child’s Place welcomes children that use a wheelchair as a method of movement.  We work with children that have significant medical needs in tandem with a physician’s directions and family approval.  Children that require services for gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, and speech and language development have a special place here.  We accommodate children with allergies and food preferences or restrictions.  Working closely with other professionals and parents, we look for the optimal fit for children that exhibit behavioral challenges.  We were constructed to work cohesively with therapists and other professionals to propel each child toward successful outcomes.

Every child is unique and deserving of a place that envelopes him/her with compassion, patience, strength, and second chances.

Every Child’s Place is that place.

What Makes Us Exceptional?

  • Our diverse and talented staff of over 40 full and part-time educators, including early childhood teachers, early childhood assistants, college students, and administrative staff. We have dedicated women and men on our staff, some of whom are valued employees with special needs.
  • Our integrated classrooms, where children of the same ages but different developmental abilities learn alongside each other.
  • Our amazing facility, featuring a large indoor atrium gym, three fully-fenced outdoor play areas for large motor development, sand and water play, and peaceful retreat, a private therapy room, in-classroom bathrooms, a secure and ADA compliant facility, a computer lab and more!
  • Our accreditation (see below) from the National Accreditation Commission and our 5 Star rating from Youngstar.
  • Our passion to provide the promise to parents that their children can grow and learn happily and successfully alongside one another, regardless of their abilities.

Our Accreditations

5-Star-Color Youngstar 5 Star Provider Rating

Youngstar is the State of Wisconsin’s  Department of Children and Families’ quality rating and improvement system. Youngstar provides parents the tools and information they need to raise happy, healthy kids, and, helps preschools, home-based programs, learning centers, and other child care providers give children safe, nurturing places to grow. We are proud to be a 5 Star rated daycare provider! Find out more about the Youngstar program here.

NAC-Accredited-ColorAssociation for Early Learning Leader’s National Accreditation Commission Accredited

The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs offers early childhood leaders the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria and evidence-based practices. NAC’s accreditation promotes professionalism and program quality in early care and education programs across the nation and seeks to see accredited daycare facilities are aligned with state early learning outcomes and quality improvement initiatives. Find out more about the National Accreditation Commission Accredited program here.