Success Stories

Meet Kennedy

This loveable, gentle child joined ECP as an infant after undergoing a very rough start in life. Kennedy was born at 24 weeks gestation due to an unexpected placental eruption. She weighed less than two pounds and experienced a grade 4 intraparenchymal hemorrhage, which is comparable to a massive stroke. Although doctors gave her parents little hope, Larry and Kelly Morin persevered in their faith and belief that their precious daughter could survive and even conquer the odds that were placed before her. After 106 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Kennedy came home and soon began her journey at Every Child’s Place.

Kennedy’s story instantly filled our hearts with aspirations for her. She has grown significantly since her first days at ECP. She has learned to talk, walk, use both hands, and even run within the past year! Our greatest joy was watching her climb up the stairs of our outdoor play equipment unassisted. She has mastered the art of sincere and loyal friendship-making, always exhibiting a kindness and generosity that comes straight from her heart. Kennedy enjoys going outside with her friends. She loves to dance and sing and is a huge music enthusiast! It’s no surprise that she is a nurturing, loving “pretend” mother with the babies in the dramatic play area, as she is nestled within that kind of loving, generous family. Her brother, L.T., also attends Every Child’s Place and is a wonderful, spirited little four year old.

Kennedy is a joyful friend, and sincerely reciprocates the kindness shown to her by all of her friends, with special understanding and warmth directed to the children that have special needs. While she enjoys playing with everyone in her class, it is Emma who fosters her growth and provides extra special encouragement when Kennedy is working on a new skill. A tiny baby, given little hope for survival, is now thriving in life and teaching us all how to appreciate and cherish the things that really matter: faith, family, friendship, and unconditional love. We know there is an amazing, successful future ahead for her as a bright, determined little girl. ECP is proud of Kennedy’s accomplishments and privileged that her extraordinary parents, Kelly and Larry, have chosen to share this journey with us.